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studio mad founded and directed by manuel andré dornhege in 2016, is a berlin based creative studio working in interior design, object design and art.
The work integrates areas of architecture, interior design, art, scenography and develops project-specific forms of expression.
studio mad is focused on atmospheric concepts, unique aesthetics, artful design, efficient project planning and precision in design.
The vision is to form functionality, poetry and aesthetics into a unified and authentic language of expression.


studio mad focuses on interior design, object design and art, covering various sectors:
residential, retail, corporate and hospitality spaces - especially bars and night clubs. 


•    Creative Concept Development
•    3D Design + Visualisation 
•    Product Sourcing + Furnishing + Material Research
•    Detailled Design Planning + Supervision


•   studio mad Collection: Object Designs and Art Works

•   Commissioned Work for Individual Designs

•   Art Consulting


  Foto Credits Manuel Puhl




Manuel André Dornhege is the founder and designer of studio mad. He lives and works as a designer and artist in Berlin. His approach is characterized by an interdisciplinary perspective that can be described as playful, precise and poetic. He is driven by the ambition to express himself and the need to create.

He draws his creative inspiration from the interplay of architectural, artistic and design landscapes of the past, present and future. 
From this source of creativity he draws interior designs, furniture concepts and artworks that are tailored to architectural spaces, adding beauty and meaning to each piece and contributing to the narrative of the architectural whole.

Manuel André Dornhege grew up in Münster and Artá on the Spanish Balearic Islands.
His family environment was filled with artistic and creative people, who shaped his outlook on life.
He has been actively involved in numerous projects by various architects and artists.

His path into the world of architecture, design and art began during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Düsseldorf.
His task as a creative person is to preserve this essence and offer it as a contribution to our environment.

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