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studio mad is a creative studio in Berlin that specializes in interior design, object design and art.
The studio was founded by designer Manuel André Dornhege in 2016.


With a focus on creating immersive and holistic experiences, studio mad transforms spaces into unique narratives that reflect the specificity of each project and the individuality of each client.
Manuel André Dornhege adds a special touch to each project by combining creativity with functionality to design environments that leave a lasting impression.
With its concept for holistic design, studio mad uses the synergy of architecture, interior design and art to create unique and inspiring spaces.


studio mad focuses on interior design and object design – art, covering various sectors:
residential, brand, corporate and hospitality spaces – a.o. bars and night clubs. 


•    Creative Concept Development
•    3D Design + Visualisation 
•    Material Research + Product Sourcing + Furnishing
•    Detailed Design Planning + Supervision


•   studio mad Collection: Object Designs – Art Works

•   Commissioned Work for Individual Designs

•   Art Consulting


  Foto Credits Manuel Puhl




Born in 1986 in Münster, Germany, I grew up in a family with strong artistic ambitions, surrounded by a circle of artists and architects in Münster and Artá on Mallorca.
My artistic perspective was especially encouraged by my parents, who are both artists.

My ambitions for architecture, design and fine arts deepened during my studies at the Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Düsseldorf and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
Afterwards, I actively worked on numerous projects for architects and artists. During this time,
I intensified my interdisciplinary approach.

I see my role as a designer as a multifaceted one:
I am a service provider who responds to the concerns and wishes of my clients. I am also a team player who works closely with other people.
In my studio - LAB I deepen my artistic interests and develop works of object design – art.
All fields of work influence each other and create an enriching synergy.

I see various eras in the history of architecture, art and design as a source for my creative ideas.
I draw inspiration for interior design, furniture concepts and works of art from this context.
Every piece I design embodies the interplay of aesthetics and functionality.
As a creative person, I see it as my duty to continue to incorporate and preserve this essence as a contribution to our designed environment.

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