studio manuel andré dornhege


studio mad is a multidisciplinary creative studio working in spatial design & art.
The work integrates areas of architecture, interior design, art, scenography and develops project-specific forms of expression.

Professional focus is on conception, design and planning.


The studio was founded by manuel andré dornhege in Berlin in 2016. Since then, interdisciplinary projects for the architecture, design and art landscape have been created. 

studio mad is ready to take on new challenges, if you have an idea for a project or collaboration, please do get in touch!
Detailed portfolio on request.


Cooperations and collaborations were created with:

Aletja Plus GmbH, Unique Hotels & Resorts AG, Laborrotwang, Triad Berlin, RWTH Aachen Fakultät Architektur, Raumlabor Berlin, Gerhards & Glücker - Architekten und Designer, Rebekka Dornhege Reyes Stage Design, etc.